The first INTERINDI Website was launched in 2009, to highlight the work that was being carried out as part of the INTERINDI Project “Institutions, Networks and Projects for the American Continent, 1940-1960.” Although the first INTERINDI research team was initially small and had only modest support from a grant from Spain’s Ministry of Science and Innovation, we had ambitious research objectives. Above all, we hoped that our work could provide a major methodological and empirical advance in the scholarly discussion about indigenismo. We participated in international conferences, organized colloquia, and presented our findings in several articles, a collective book and a special journal issue dedicated to indigenismo (for more, see Publications and Events sections.)

From then on, many scholars showed interest in the INTERINDI Project, and some of them took an active part in our activities and publications. Until recently, indigenismo has been understood in a self-referential context and was not the subject of academic study, but now it is back on the front burner. A significant amount of research is currently in progress, moving a step forward in the knowledge and better understanding of this complex political, economic, and cultural phenomenon.

Thanks to the first INTERINDI Project, we expanded our ranks to include a number of international scholars who are researching and publishing on indigenismo (for more, see People section). In 2013, we changed our website, renamed it “INTERINDI NETWORK. A Researchers Network on Inter-American Indigenismo” and started to use it as a reflection of the research activities and findings of our scholars’ network, with our initial objective always in mind: to advance in the scholarly discussion about indigenismo and to spread the work and activities of the INTERINDI network to the general public. For more about that second version, see Old Interindi Website.

Meanwhile, we started others ambitious projects: the I-LINK0738 Project “The indigenista field in Latin America: historical configuration and current challenges”, the RE-INTERINDI PROJECT “The Other Sides of the Indigenismo: A Socio-Historical Approach to Ethnic and Racial Categories and their Uses in Latin American Societies”, and the ETHNIC Project “La fabrique des catégories ethniques à l’époque coloniale. Royaumes du Pérou et de la Nouvelle-Espagne (XVIe- début XIXe siècles)”.


Beginning in 2016, we launched this newly redesigned Website.



All images illustrating this website come from the Inter-American Indian Institute’s review América Indigena, 1941-1970