A selection of websites for researching the history of indigenismo


Organization of American States (OAS)

icoEnlacesThe Inter-American Indian Institute (founded in 1940) belonged to the OAS as a specialized organization (1953 to 2009):

icoEnlacesInformal Working Group in charge of studying the Situation of the Inter-American Indian Institute (2007-2008):

International Labour Organization (ILO)


icoEnlacesILO’s activities related to indigenous people:

icoEnlacesThe ILO Library s collections include documents about indigenista action since 1920s. On line searches by Labordoc database:

icoEnlacesLibrary of the ILO Regional Office for Latin America and the Carribean, Lima. The Regional Office was founded in 1968, but since 1953 the ILO established in Lima an Action Center to coordinate the «Andean Mission»:

Fundação Pierre Verger

icoEnlacesThe Foundation preserves the personal collections the anthropologist and photograph Pierre Verger assembled during years of travels and research: bibliographical, documentary, photographic and phonographic archives, as well as an object collection. On line access to a selection of photographs:



National Commission for Indigenous Peoples Development (CDI), Mexico

icoEnlacesThe CDI preserves several repositories, including those of National Indigenist Institute (INI): 1) Indigenous Art, 2) «Juan Rulfo» Library, 3) «»Germán Parra» Map Collection, 4) audiovisual archives (Ethnographical Audiovisual Archive and «Alfonso Muñoz» Movies and Videos Collection), 5) «Henrietta Yurchenco» Phonographic Collection, and 6) «Nacho López» Photographical Collection: (difusión- acervos documentales)

«Juan Comas» Library, Institute of Anthropological Research, UNAM, Mexico

icoEnlacesThe Library includes the personal archives of several anthropologists and archeologists, among them Alfonso Caso, Juan Comas and Alfonso Villa Rojas:

Information and Documentation Center «Alberto Beltrán», General Direction of Popular Culture of México

icoEnlacesIncludes collections specialized in popular and indigenous cultures. On line catalogues access:



Peruvian Ministry of Culture:


Library of the Peruvian Ministry of Culture

icoEnlacesIncludes a personal archive of Luis E. Valcárcel and a rich documentary and bibliographical collection:

Digital Archive of Peruvian Legislation, Congress of Peruvian Republic

icoEnlacesOn line access to national and regional past and current legislation:

Riva-Agüero Institute

icoEnlacesFounded in 1847, the Riva-Agüero Institute holds an important library and an historical archive, including the José de la Riva-Agüero y Osma’s legacy and collections of former presidents and Peruvian intellectuals:

Documentation Center, the Amazonian Center of Applied Anthropology (CAAAP)

icoEnlacesEstablished in 1978 as a specialized center in Amazonian topics, it collects bibliographical and booklets archives, a map room and an audiovisual collection:


Museu do Índio (Indiam Museum)

icoEnlacesIncludes the «Marechal Rondón» library and several archives: ethnographical, audiovisual and documentary, including the collection of the Serviço de Proteção aos índios ( Indian Protection Service or SPI):

Fundação Darcy Ribeiro (Darcy Ribeiro Fundation)

icoEnlacesThe Foundation holds personal (documentary and bibliographical) archives of Darcy Ribeiro and Berta Gleizer Ribeiro:


Guatemalan Academy of Geography and History

icoEnlacesFounded in 1923, the Academy holds an important specialized library opened in 1929:

The Center for Mesoamerican Research (CIRMA)

icoEnlacesFounded in 1978 to rescue and preserve Guatemala’s historical, visual, and cultural heritage:

icoEnlacesOnline Catalog to the Historical and Photographic Archives: