Cultural Colloquium, Latin American Cultural Week


Cultural Colloquium, Latin American Cultural Week
5 de mayo de 2014

Centre for Contemporary Latin American Studies
Universidad de Edimburgo

9:30 Inscripción
10:00 Bienvenida: Simón Smith – John G. Ardila
10:10 Laura Giraudo: Is being indigene a special character or a social history? A discussion about indigenous in Latin America
10:30 Charlotte Gleghorn: On the Move: Indigeneity on and through Film in Latin America
10:50 Juan Martín Sánchez: The indianization of the social matters at the ILO Andean Program in the 50s decade
11:10 Debate
11:25 Pausa café 
11:55 Oleski Miranda: Visions of race in late nineteenth century Hispanic America: Domingo Faustino Sarmiento and José Martí 
12:15 Karen de Benavente: With a pistol in his hand: the Chicano poetry of Américo Paredes
12:35 María Benavides: Loving disenchantment in Hispano-American poetry: Patria and Eros
12:55 Debate
13:10 Almuerzo
14:20 Marisa Wilson: Cuba’s cultural economy of need: continuities and changes with Raul’ Castro’s presidency
14:40 Synnoeve Rosales: Mayas in the XXI Century
15:00 Pablo Briceño: Political mobilization and everyday life in a Chilean Shantytown, Población La Victoria
15:20 Pausa café 
15:50 Ernesto Valero: The transitional landscapes of Latin America
16:10 Edward Calderon: Utopianism and reality in urban planning in Medellin: discrepancies between planning and implementation
16:30 Debate
16:45 Clausura (John G. Ardila) 
17:00 Vino de honor

Programa [enlace al pdf]