Simposios LASA 2016 Indigenismo (I) and (II)


LASA 2016

27-30 mayo 2016, New York

Indigenismo and its contested legacy in Latin America (I) and (II)

Area: Historia e Historiografía
Resumen: In the middle decades of the twentieth century, indigenismo established itself as a professional field with wide-ranging political, social and cultural effects felt throughout much of Latin America. An integral part of modernizing schemes, indigenismo promised to integrate the indigenous into the modern nation state. We propose two panels to explore how indigenous and indigenistas actors have participated in these processes. Drawing from newly available Mexican, Brazilian, Guatemalan and Peruvian archives, these papers suggest that the time has come to reassess indigenismo, its impact, and the critique that emerged in the late 1960s.

Indigenismo and its contested legacy in Latin America (I)
29 Mayo, 12:45 a 14:15 hrs.
Organizador: Laura Giraudo (EEHA-CSIC)
Moderador: Abigail E. Adams (Central Connecticut State University)
El indigenismo como movimiento cultural João Pacheco de Oliveira (Museu Nacional, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil):
Indigenismo y colonización amazónica en el Perú (1920-1945)Nuria Sala (Universitat de Girona):
An indigenous disease with inter-American implications”: A comparative examination of Mexican and Guatemalan indigenista and public health approaches to OnchocerciasisLaura Giraudo (EEHA-CSIC Sevilla), Abigail E. Adams (Central Connecticut State University)
Indigenista Criminology: A Latin-American Phenomenon?Lior Ben David (Tel Aviv University):
Rethinking Mexican Indigenismo: The challenge of drawing conclusions from a high-profile indigenista experimentStephen E. Lewis (California State University, Chico):
Comentarista: Luis Vázquez León (CIESAS- Occidente)

Indigenismo and its contested legacy in Latin America (II)
29 Mayo, 14:30 a 16 00 hrs.
Organizador: Stephen E. Lewis (California State University/Chico)
Matos, Vázquez, Martínez, tres antropólogos en la institucionalización del indigenismo peruanoJuan Martín-Sánchez (Universidad de Sevilla)
Identidad y ficción en el teatro indigenista peruano contemporáneo: estado de la cuestión y nuevas aproximacionesEmilio J. Gallardo-Saborido (Universidad de Sevilla)
Liberation Theology, Community Health and Indigenous Rights in Post-1960s ChiapasAlexandra Puerto (Occidental College)
Indigenous Modernization and the Integration of Mixtec Labor in Oaxaca, Mexico, 1954-1982Shane Dillingham (Spring Hill College)
Comentarista: Alexander Dawson (Simon Fraser University)

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